i'm always in awe of the musician
with the ability to create art that touches the soul
 . . .
"my goal is to give my listeners the same refuge that writing and performing gives me
[so they] feel like there is someone sympathetic to whatever their situation or walk of life may be"

tiger darrow
 a multitalented singer/songwriter with a breathtaking voice
you may have heard her 
she recently did a commercial for famous footwear

when i found out she plays the cello
(the one instrument i secretly wish i could play)
i knew i had to hear

we met at her apartment
where she practiced her instruments and did some work on her upcoming album
then we headed downtown to a stunning studio
met with her beau + a couple friends to continue working on her album
my first time in a studio and i was amazed by how meticulous the process of recording a song is
gave me an even deeper appreciation for the art form
. . . 
I had a blast on this shoot
spent the day listening to great music and chatting with a beautiful soul

styled by me
with makeup by ari kaplan

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tiger darrow