winter vacation: thailand/abu dhabi

it became a necessity to escape new york's winter for a bit
so we decided on thailand, bought tickets
and a couple weeks later, were on a 12 hour flight to a brand new place
. . .
oh there's just too much to say about this trip
it was just excellent!

- the warmth: constant sunshine
- food food food and more food: street food, great restaurants, snack runs
- the peace: there's a gentleness and warmth in the people
- chasing the sun: watching its rise and setting
- the stunning buildings, the colors, the flowers

. . .

with long layovers in abu dhabi
we were able to squeeze two trips in one
exploring the city's shops and food

it was a 10 day getaway (2 days spent in transit)
and we made sure to pack as much as possible during our trip
. . .